Young men of little faith


Armando Matteo


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 70, Issue 161, 2021, pages 169-184




Both the most recent ecclesial documents on the world of young people, such as Christus vivit, and numerous sociological researches describe the younger generations as disinterested with regards to the religious dimension towards which they show, not hostility, but indifference: they don’t embrace atheism in the classical sense, but a weak form of disbelief. The causes of this situation are to be sought in the world of the adults, in which “youthfulness” has spread. The youthfulness of the adults has caused a detachment of the adults from the limited and mortal reality of the human condition, the advent of post-Christian adults, and a sort of almost “religious” attention towards children, considered as the paragon of perfection. Young people, children of these adults, immersed in a technological world, are completely impervious to pastoral care, which should be rethought precisely to speak to this generation, finding the language of a humanism of proximity and self-giving.

Key words:

Young people, adults, Church, transmission of faith.


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