Values and Freedom. The Axiological question in the Thought of Cornelio Fabro


Giovanni Turco


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 63, Issue 147 (january-june), 2014, pages 33-68




In Cornelio Fabro’s thinking, the notion of value is investigated from different points of view. It is considered in the “dialectics” of moral value, in essential axiological requirements, and in its metaphysical underpinnings. His perspective is radically different from any Kantian or immanentist “philosophy of values”. The upshot is the philosophical stand according to which knowing, acting and being are intrinsically axiological. Hence, no axiological neutrality is possible or real, in any field. This is an original aspect of Fabro’s thought –which has been so far overlooked– but which is certainly interesting, particularly in the reals of morality, law, and politics

Key words:

Cornelio Fabro, value, freedom, axiologie, acting and being



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