“This all men speak of as God” (S.Th., I, 2, 3c). And the raison d’être of Philosophy of Religion


Elvio Celestino Fontana


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 68, Issue 157, 2019, pages 61-76




The point of arrival for each of the quia demonstrative ways is the fruit of solidly founded scientific reasoning. Each is made to coincide in re with “this all men speak of as God”. We think that there is a human and epistemological space, which is still empty and must be filled by an appropriate Philosophy of Religion. This philosophy must possess a proper and exclusive object, which would be, according to our hypothesis, “this all men speak of as God”: not “God” considered in his existence or nature, but rather in his mysterious “presence” and “action” in each conscience, in every conscience, and in every kind of conscience.

Key words:

Divine presence, first voluntary act, Philosophy of Religion.


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