The unity of mandkind in saint Agustine’s the City of God


Julián Vara Martín


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 61, Issue 144 (jul-dec), 2012, pages 247-275




The principle of the unity of mankind, stemming from its unity in origin from a single individual and from its unity in the salvation design, has been a constant element in the understanding that the Church has about man, from early Christian literature until our day. Such unity consecrates a bond among men which is totally unique in as much as it renders them all solidary in the use of freedom by allowing the communication of guilt and merit. Saint Augustine’s works contain elements which greatly help in the understanding of this mystery of unity among men

Key words:

The Unity of Mankind, The City of God, saint Agustine, Original Sin, Principle of Substitution, Anthropology, Theology of History, Political Philosophy



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