The Theology of history in Francisco Canals


Javier Barraycoa


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 61, Issue 144 (jul-dec), 2012, pages 377-384




Those of us who have had the privilege of listening to Dr. Canals countless times, can still remember with enthusiasm his lecture series focused on the core issues of Catholic thought. Perhaps one of the most complex and compromising issues that used to be addressed were those versed in the theology of history. He used to say that in order to understand it one had to study more theology than history and his fear was that the listeners of his lectures, talks or conversations would interpret his teachings superficially. He also shied away from visionary listeners eager for eschatological “news”. Canals recalled frequently that passage of the Apocalypse in which Saint John must swallow a book that produces a terrible bitterness. This is the bitterness of those who start in this knowledge and have nothing to do with the curiositas. For this reason, feeling about these issues was framed in the Apostleship of Prayer and the devotion of the Sacred Heart. Canals had written that when they asked Father Orlandis, his teacher, why he trained his young people in the theology of history, he answered that in order to train good guardians of the Apostleship of Prayer. Everything that went away from this intention would have perverted the teachings received.



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