The Political Power. An aristotelian answer through the dialogue with other positions


Sergio Raúl Castaño


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 60, Issue 141 (jan-jun), 2011, pages 107-138




The purpose of this contribution is to determine the essential features and main properties of the notion of political power according to the philosophical political tradition of classical Aristotelianism, represented here by some of its most eminent medieval, modern and contemporary exponents. Through a dialectical procedure (i.e., the dialogue with other positions) this paper aims at explaining the presence of seven key notes in the notion of political power as has been understood so far by the political philosophy of classical Aristotelianism, and at, indirectly, trying to suggest how, from the viewpoint of that tradition, it is possible to formulate a suitable answer to the objective problem of the reality of power as expressed by “the things themselves”, in Husserl’s terms.

Key words:

Aristotelian Tradition, Political Power, Political Community, Command and Obedience.



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