The natural inclination to know the truth about God


José Juan Escandell


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Año 67, Nº. 156, 2018, págs. 373-386




This article is limited to the discussion of some aspects of the «natural inclination to know the truth about God». In the first place it encompasses the general concept of natural inclination, in order to indicate that: 1) is compatible with satisfaction and frustration; 2) is conscious. This is why Freud’s doctrine of the unconscious is criticized. Secondly, it analyzes the sense of the knowledge of God whose natural inclination refers to. Finally, it is reminded that, according to St. Thomas, the natural knowledge of God is complemented with the knowledge of God through faith. Therefore, the article challenges Mr. Küng’s approach.

Key words:

Inclination, God, natural appetite, unconscious, natural theology, ethics, Thomas Aquinas, Freud, Küng


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