The Interpretation of the esse in Cornelio Fabro’s “Intensive Thomism”


Christian Ferraro


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 67, Issue 155, 2018, pages 11-58




Among the interpretations of St. Thomas thought, a relevant place belongs to Fabro’s one, especially in regard to the esse, true speculative nucleous of the thomistic Metaphysics. According to Fabro, the esse is an intensive act, having a double emergency, namely a formal and a real one, in such a way that in respect of him, the essence becomes potency. Consequently, the esse looks as the genetical nucleous of the being and the last term of the resolutive path of the reflex thinking, so that the first plexus becomes the first nexus in the step to the transcendency.

Key words:

Esse, intensive, emergency, essence.


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