The identity of Being and Think in God


José Juan Escandell


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 63, Issue 148 (july-december), 2014, pages 403-424




The study of the Divine Essence has a central moment in the determination of the metaphysical constituive of God. This paper aims to offer some reflections of the proximity of the formulas Ipsum Esse Subsistens and Nóesis noéseos nóesis. That God is pure Understanding is not, for most of the Thomists, a mere operating attribute, but something particularly identified with Ens a se. To understand better this proximity, a shallow examination of the relationship between thinking and being in Thomism is proposed, so it will be exposed that the philosophy of St. Thomas is as “ontological” as “noetic”, ie, it adjusts with particular accurate the couple being and logos

Key words:

Being, Mind, God, Metaphysics.



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