The fundamental unity of Antonio Millan Puelles’ major works


José Juan Escandell


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 63, issue 147 (january-june), 2014, pages 69-98




Most written work (books) of Antonio Millán-Puelles is twenty titles. In this paper we determine what are some glitches were excluded and his unit is investigated. Titles grouped by subject, it seems clear that Millán-Puelles provides a foundation to enter their work in two capital books: Fundamentos de filosofía and Léxico filosófico. The rest of the books revolve around anthropology and ethics, and metaphysics. Regarding the former, the key work is La estructura de la subjetividad and ethics, La libre afirmación de nuestro ser. As for the latter Teoría del objeto puro. All other whirl around these. Thus it is clear that Milan-Puelles gets an original and unique synthesis between Aristotelian-Thomistic realist philosophy and the phenomenological and existentialist philosophies

Key words:

Millán-Puelles, Fundamentals, Metaphysics, Ethics, Anthropology



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