The destruction of nature by gnosis: God, cosmos, man


Stefano Abbate


Espíritu: cuadernos del Instituto Filosófico de Balmesiana, ISSN 0014-0716, Year 66, Issue. 154, 2017, pages 411-425




In this article we intend to study the persistence and consequences of Gnostic thought about the concept of God, nature and cosmos. Gnosis has an enormous corrosive potential of the philosophical categories because it is a titanic attempt to reconfigure the world considered radically insufficient and that arises from the attempt to match the pneumatic nature and the outside world. This study will focus on three main areas of the Gnostic revolution, following the three concepts mentioned above: theological modernism, post-humanism and gender studies.

Key words:

Gnosis, God, post-humanism, gender studies, modernism.


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