The Being in Karl Rahner’s Metaphysica Cognitionis


Jaime Mercant Simó


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 64, Issue 150 (july-december), 2015, pages 245-268




EAlthough Rahner presents himself as a thomist, his metaphysics of knowledge, of a transcendental background, is inspired above all in Heidegger and Maréchal, rather than Thomas Aquinas. This infidelity to the Angelic Doctor is especially demonstrated in the question of being: in fact the being is understood as an indefinable, indefinite and empty concept. He conceives man as spirit, inasmuch as he is opened in advance to the being in general; he identifies being, knowing and the known; and finally he makes an unjustified saltus of the transcendental to the transcendent, falling into pantheism.

Key words:

Karl Rahner, Thomas of Aquinas, metaphysics of knowledge, being.



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