The analogy of faith and reason in Saint Thomas Aquinas


Martín Federico Echavarría


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 62, Issue 145 (January-June), 2013, pages 147-160




Speaking of reason and faith in the Year of Faith, arranged by Benedict XVI, is something entirely logical. To do so also in the light of St. Thomas Aquinas, on the day of his feast, is also very appropriate, since the Church proposes it as a model of the correct way of understanding the harmonious relationship that must exist between reason and faith (for example, Fides et ratio, 43-44). Following St. Thomas, it must be said that faith and reason can be spoken in multiple ways. That is, it is an analogous term that is predicated of many realities, ordered among themselves. By faith one can understand, in the first place, the object of faith, expressed in statements that must be believed; second, the act of faith, that is, the assent by which we accept these statements as true; and, finally, the habit of faith, that is, the virtue by which our intelligence is inclined to such an act with respect to that object.



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