The Unity of the Church in the work of Carlos Alberto Sacheri. 25 years after the Ut unum Sint of Saint John Paul II

In the Encyclical Letter Ut unum synt, Saint John Paul II recalls that:
“Before his Passion, Jesus himself prayed that” they may all be one “(Jn 17:21). This unity, which the Lord gave to his Church and in which he wants to embrace all, is not accessory, but is in the the very center of his work. It is not equivalent to a secondary attribute of the community of his disciples. It belongs to the very being of the community. God wants the Church, because he wants unity and in unity the whole depth of his agape is expressed. “

The Knowledge of Human Person in John Locke

The thought of John Locke on the human person and his knowledge is incompatible with the Aris – totelian-Thomistic doctrine because the English author is nominalist. The lack of a gnoseological and metaphysical ground prevents from a clear idea of what is a substance and from the possibility of its knowledge