Jesus Christ the perfect man. Nature and grace in the Divine Person of Jesus Christ

The entire natural order and its being culminates in the perfection of nature given by the grace that we find in the human nature of the Person of the Word. The Thomasian study of Christ responds radically to the objection that western metaphysics has forgotten being, considering the relationship between being and nature from its Increate source. From the supposed scriptural point of view, we reflect on the Exposition of the Letter to the Ephesians, in which the Angelic explains the meaning of man perfected by his union with Christ. The perfection that Christ produces by being a perfect man is made explicit in christians, for each one is called to the spiritual perfection fulfilled in the Resurrection. If no human individual realizes all human perfection, in Christ there is all the perfection of human nature, because the divine Person of Christ exists by the divine Being. St. Thomas concludes with regard to the humanity of Christ as the Head of the Church, and this perspective is taken up by the Second Vatican Council. From a metaphysical point of view, “participation” is not enough to explain the union of the Incarnate Word. Humanity not only participates in the divine nature, but has the divine esse. The restoration of humanity is achieved when it reaches union with the immutability of God, the Ipsum esse subsistens, which is the Trinity revealed by Christ himself, through the personal and habitual grace of the incarnate Word, who leads us, and unites us to the Father.