Some considerations on the dynamism of agency as the object of the moral act


Maria Aracoeli Beroch


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 69, Issue 159, 2020, pages 11-28




In choice, Thomas Aquinas assigns an order of causality between the intellect and the will. Hence there arises a problem of interpretation, insofar as only the causality of the intellect is frequently affirmed. The article first addresses the theme of the moral object, considering “object” as a freely chosen behavior, a choice, according to the Summa Theologiae I-II and parallel texts. Then the relation of the object to the end is presented. Finally, the article discusses elective dynamism in actions, underlining the balance that must exist between the will and the intellect to be morally qualifiable.

Key words:

Moral objectch, coice, Thomas Aquinas, will


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