Seeking for the roots of faith: A gaze on the universe of pist


Giulia Lombardi


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 70, Issue 161, 2021, pages 17-37




The paper shows a line of continuity with Greek philosophy in the choice of early Christian writers for the root pist- to form words expressing faith. In fact, Hellenistic audience was so accustomed to linking the literal and figurative meaning of that family of words, by considering learning as a process of steppingstones, to easily understand the usage of the verb ‘pisteuein’ in 1Pt 2 to express the reliance on the Word of God as the cornerstone, entailing obedience (peith-). The inquiry goes back until Parmenides’ verses singing a goddess urging him to learn to discern the true pistis.

Key words:

Pistis, steadiness, learning, discernment.


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