RUDI TE VELDE, Aquinas on God. The “Divine Science” of the Summa Theologiae


Lucas Pablo Prieto


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 69, Issue 159, 2020, pages 197-200




Petrus Calo, one of the first biographers of Saint Thomas, tells that being just five years old our Dominican “asked his teacher anxiously and frequently: what is God?”. This question would accompany and, somehow, shape his whole life. Making this same question his own and from the hand of Saint Thomas, Rudi te Velde undertakes, in the work that we review, an investigation that seeks to deepen the truth about God. Although it is not a “recent” work, we find it interesting to comment on it because of the repercussion it has had and because it constitutes an habitual reference for those who study the De Deo uno treatise on Saint Thomas.


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