Remarks on the correlation between thinking and being in the realistic ontology


José Juan Escandell


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 59, Issue 140 (jul-dec), 2010, pages 399-433




Among those who completely separate thinking and being ( for example, nominalism) and those who identify them (immanentisms), metaphysical realism proposes to separate and unite both as it recognizes that there are several relationships between them. This paper explores these relationships, describing them in accordance to four determinations: thinking requires subjectively and objectively being; being requires qualitatively and quantitatively thinking. First of all, thinking requires being in the sense that it is a being. Further more, in the objective sense, thinking requires being because it is essentially thinking of the being. In the third place, being requires “qualitatively” thinking since the being is inherently intelligible (veritas transcendentalis). Ultimately being requires “quantitatively” thinking meaning that where there is greater perfection, there is more intellection; that perfect being is subsistent thinking; and that the finite being needs to be thought by God.

Key words:

Thinking, being, esse, metaphysical realismo, veritas trascendentalis



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