Politics: theory and praxis


José María Alsina Roca


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 64, Issue 150 (july-december), 2015, pages 383-395




Throughout the history of philosophy a series of conceptual dichotomies are formulated around which different aspects of philosophical thought are structured. Let us remember some of them: the one and the multiple, act and power, substance and accidents, spirit and matter, the singular and the universal, nominal and real, and in the field of moral philosophy: individual and society, theory and praxis, praxis and poiesis and many others. It is clear that the relationship or opposition between the different terms of each of the pairs has a different meaning, however, we can say that they are not exclusive terms, but on the contrary, to understand the reality we have to resort to the use of both . On the other hand, certain philosophical positions can be defined by the dialectic opposing exclusion between the two terms or by the reversal of the ontological primacy that corresponds to one of them. To affirm the primacy of the multiple over the one, of the power over the act, or the negation of the substance, reducing reality to a set of accidents, constitute the starting point of certain philosophical currents, especially of modernity.



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