Personality and moral evil. The connection of vices


Martín F. Echavarría


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 69, Issue 159, 2020, pages 71-94




The Aristotelian moral tradition affirms that the virtues are connected, which also implies that the moral character is a unit in which there is organization and hierarchy. Moral vices, on the other hand, are considered in this tradition to be essentially unconnected. However, especially in the thought of Thomas Aquinas, there is a certain connection between some vices. This connection can be considered in two ways: either by attending to the individual and his own inclinations, a perspective which cannot be the object of science; or by attending to the connection between the objects of the appetitive inclinations, which is a consideration that attends to connections per se between moral vices and which, therefore, can be the object of science. Of this second type Aquinas’ consideration of the capital vices.

Key words:

Virtue Ethics; Moral Psychology; Moral Vices; Capital Vices; Thomas Aquinas.


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