Person and Personality. From contemporary Psychology of Personality to Thomistic Metaphysics of the Person


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 59, Issue 139, 2010, pages 207-247




In contemporary psychology there have been two
opposing solutions to the problem of the relationship
between person and personality. The first and
most popular is dependent on the development of
empiricist philosophy. It’s the total identification
between person and the operating structure obtained
trough biological and psychosocial development.
Thus, they deny the substantiality of person,
and states that person emerges when personality
has been developed. The other solution is
more in line with German philosophy and
Kantian rationalism. It consists of the distinction
between psychological and personality ontological
personality, so much so that it appears that these
are two completely separate things. This article
proposes a solution to the problem in the light of
the Thomistic metaphysics of person, which
avoids the problems of both positions, and saves
both substantial and historic character of the human

Key words:

Metaphysics, Person, Psychology, Personality.



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