Obediential potency in Francisco Suárez’ De beatitudine


José Carlos Sánchez López


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 69, Issue 160, 2020, pages 273-290




The aim of this article is to introduce Francisco Suárez’s definition of obediential potency in the context of one of his first essays: De beatitudine. When analysing this notion, we are able to understand the link between deity and human agency, and also give account of Suárez’s progressive distancing from Aristotle and Aquinas. His conception of obediential potency manifests the novelty of his philosophical system, where human autonomy and will are highlighted, and, at the same time, it represents the confluence point of his metaphysical, theological and ethical theses.

Key words:

Obediential potency; Freedom; Causality; Beatitude.


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