Note on the formation and transfer of the patrimony of Cornelio Fabro


P Elvio Celestino Fontana


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 61, Issue 143 (January-june), 2012, pages 185-196




In this communication we propose to clarify the notion of virtue from the Thomistic metaphysics of esse. That is why our reflection will start from the texts of Aquinas. Although a critical historical study of the sources and evolution of the concepts of virtue and virtus essendi in Saint Thomas would surely help us to have a broader perspective, we apologize for taking this path here since it would require a greater development than we can realize in this headquarters. We will then limit ourselves to the doctrinal development, which is the most fundamental, without prejudice to other studies completing the ideas outlined here. The metaphysical deepening in the concept of virtue is of special importance, not only for the development of this discipline, but also for the usefulness of theology and for illumination from the first philosophy of the second philosophies referred to man, his personality and his act.



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