Nature and God according to Spinoza. Some critical remarks from a thomistic point of view


Graziano Perillo


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 70, Issue 161, 2021, pages 129-146




The author illustrates the fundamental notions of Spinoza’s philosophy (substance, God and nature) and underlines their origin in the historical and cultural context. He then goes on to highlight the presupposition of the Spinozian position which is the identity of being and thought. From the Thomistic point of view, such a position shows many weaknesses, because it fails to grasp a real ontological distinction between God and created beings. In fact, it does not adequately consider that the human being knows starting from the real beings and only in this way he can come to discover the distinction between being and essence.

Key words:

God, nature, Spinoza, Thomistic critique.


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