Natural law and moral reason


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 58, Issue 138, 2009, pages 113-132




The Encyclical “Humanae vitae” establishes on a definitive way the position of the Roman Church with regard to two essential concepts: ‘conjugal love’ and “responsible parenthood”. The foundation of these concepts is the natural law. It is not an external imposed code, but it is in every man’s nature, and every man is able to know it to some extent, as evidenced by the spontaneous moral sense of everybody, for instance, in the immediate conscience of a determined case of injustice. It is not a feature added to human behavior, but its essential quality and therefore unavoidable.

Key words:

Natural Law, Humanae Vitae, Paul VI, Human Action, autonomy, Rhon heimer, Aristotle, Millán-Puelles, Thomas Aquinas.



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