Love, relationship and person. Critical observations


José Juan Escandell


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 65, Issue 151 (January-June), 2016, pages 141-172




This paper reflects on the concept of the person through the notions of love and relationship. It seeks dialogue with contemporary philosophies of personalistic court and with origins in the nineteenth-century idealism, to cope with some relevant mistakes. 1. Against the claim that a personal life is dumped in the love of others, a vital and ethically acceptable sense of self-love is defended. 2. The alternative substance-relationship is approached and the boethian concept of person as rational livelihood is reaffirmed towards the idea of the person as a relationship. 3. It is discussed the meaning of the statement that the person is “end in itself “, which some authors understands in the sense of an absolute autonomy of man.

Key words:

Person, love, relationship, ontology, personalism, Boëthius, respect, dignity.



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