Jaime Balmes: Knowledge and action


Miguel Ángel Belmonte Sánchez


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 60, Issue 142 (jul-dec), 2011, pages 225-240




Jaime Balmes (1810-1848) was a person who knew how to joint practical action with an intellectual life. In a very short life he achieved a deep understanding of main theoretical and practical philosophical problems and how to present them clear to the public in general. Moreover, he saw the necessity of a political intervention in an era of Spanish institutional instability. His proposals were known through a newspaper directed by himself while some politicians like Marqués de Viluma defended them at Parliament. Finally, political evolution of Spain was too far and different from Balmes political thought and he gave up. Balmes’ view of politics included indeed not only a deep understanding of man and society but also a personal knowledge of virtues and vices of real political life

Key words:

Jaime Balmes, practical knowledge, political action



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