How can the Law be kind? A matter of nature


Pablo Sanz Bayón


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 65, Issue 151 (January-June), 2016, pages 129-139




Refer to a kindly Law, in our immediate sociopolitical situation, it may seem ironic, an antithetical relationship or even an idle question. This is due to the disaffection produced by the legal system for the society and for the concrete citizen. If this disaffection of contemporary society to the legal system is increasingly clear and growing, it is therefore very important to delve into the underlying causes of this problem. This paper briefly explores the real possibility of a friendly Law according to the intrinsic sociability of the human nature.

Key words:

Law, justice, Aristotle, principle of good faith, Natural Law, legal Neo-positivism, jurisprudence.




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