Ego sum Qui sum: Thomas Aquinas and Francisco Suárez


Mauro Mantovani


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 68, Issue 157, 2019, pages 253-268




This work intends to verify how the theme of the “logically first” name of God, beginning from the self-revelation of God in Exodus 3:14, manifests amply the difference between the theological and the ontological perspectives of Thomas Aquinas and those of the Jesuit theologian Francisco Suárez. After a brief presentation of some fundamental elements of Doctor Angelicus’ doctrine about the “Ego sum Qui sum”, the text proposes a reading of the Disputatio de divina existentia et subsistentia, the work of the Spanish thinker contemporary to the Disputationes Metaphysicae but less known than it.

Key words:

Being, God, Ontology, Suárez.


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