Christianity and person


Jordi Girau Reverter


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 59, Issue 139, 2010, pages 11-24




As far as it is given to know ancient cultures and religions had a more or less personal notion of divinity. They were many times polytheistic and generally enoteístas, their olimpos, their heavens, lands and seas, and also their hells, were populated by beings sometimes very blurred, other times zoomorphic or anthropomorphic. The Hesiod Theogonies offer us the Greek case, and today we have huge encyclopedias of the History of Religions for that same case and all the others. First of all, they are gods with whom one enters into relationships through worship, sacrifices and prayer, and from whom help and benefits are expected, or curses or punishments are feared. It is what in Phenomenology they call the religious object.



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