Beauty, nature and arts in Thomas Aquinas’ thought


Rodolfo Papa


Espíritu: cuadernos del Instituto Filosófico de Balmesiana, ISSN 0014-0716, Year 66, Issue. 154, 2017, pages 427-442




The present study analyzes the Thomistic doctrine concerning the foundations of art and beauty and the relationship between beauty and goodness.
Although a complete artistic theory is not found in Thomistic intents, several texts of Thomas Aquinas give valuable clues for an organic theory of art aimed to beauty and good.
Reference to nature is crucial for the production of an authentic human art, as can be seen in various examples from the past.
The following section discusses some of the implications derived from the Thomist position or, on the contrary, from a relativistic conception of the same.
Finally, it explains the usefulness of Thomas’ thinking for a renewed artistic realism.

Key words:

Arts, beauty, aesthetics, ethics.


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