Alma de profesor. La mejor profesión del mundo


María Rosa Espot y Jaime Nubiola


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 68, Issue 158, 2019, pages 562-566




It should be noted that the authors of this book are people who have a long professional experience in the field of education and that, in addition, have an extensive pedagogical and philosophical bibliography. In fact, it’s not the first time that María Rosa Espot and Jaume Nubiola have prepared a book together. They published Aprender a divertirse (2011) and Cómo tomar decisiones importantes (aimed at young people from 15 to 22 years old) (2016). Now this written work arrives with a conceptual and direct style, without sterile eruditions, which combines experience and reflection, practical knowledge and pedagogical analysis. In fact, its origin lies in different works published previously in prestigious journals and communication, although this origin does not tarnish its systematic character and a coherent internal logic.


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