Three distinctive characteristics of Jaime Balmes’ moral philosophy


Felipe Widow L.


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 60, Issue 142 (jul-dec), 2011, pages 241-260




Balmes’ moral-philosophical exposition is marked by three characteristic features: first, the apologetic moe of its discourse, which turns its attention more on the error that threatens the Catholic truth than on the development and explanation of philosophic truth; second, some connaturality with the truths that constitute the ultimate foundation of moral order, and, third, the deficiency in the metaphysical foundation of those truths. Considering these three features allows you to read his moral philosophy without falling into the extremes of judging him either as an immaculate Thomist or as a modern eclectic

Key words:

Balmes, Spanish Philosophy of the XIX Century, Moral philosophy, Metaphysic foundation of moral order.


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