La fundación ontológica del acto operativo en el tomismo contemporáneo. Un análisis comparativo y una propuesta de solución

We present the first book by Rubio Hípola, professor at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid. This is the publication of his doctoral thesis in philosophy. The work carries out a comparative analysis of three “figures” of contemporary Thomism, looking at how each one studies the constitution of the operative act. In this way attention is fixed on a central aspect of Thomistic metaphysics: the act of being and the essence, as well as its relationship with the second act.

The definition of the notion of humanism and the analysis of its development from Classical Antiquity to the Renaissance in the thought of Cornelio Fabro

This article aims to analyze the notion of “humanism” according to the definition of Cornelio Fabro, especially in his work L’Anima. Along with this analysis, we also study the general situation of the terms of the debate that arise from the definition, as well as the method used by Fabro to explain the development of the concept in question throughout history. In a second moment the three first models presented by the author of reference are approached: that of Classical Antiquity, that of the Middle Ages and that of the Renaissance.