Some paradoxes of the constitutional State and its emergence in the current economic crisis

There is a certain consensus that, beyond the strictly economic and financial causes, it seems that the current crisis has to do with moral issues, which are either sharpening the problems or will affect a slower recovery. After decades of weak thinking, in the public discourse strong values ​​reappear, which refer to the personal and social virtues that are needed to succeed: industriousness, honesty, commitment, respect for the given word, austerity … Also, according to the budgetary limitations of the State and the risk of the collapse of the Social Security become more evident, the gaze turns to socially valuable institutions (such as the Church or the family), which are not only able to educate in the virtues previously outlined , but they constitute the best social buffer in situations of helplessness. Now, a novelty in the current crisis is that it will be the first one for Spanish society to live without the family mattress still existing: not only because immigrants – the first to notice the crisis – do not have families rooted in Spain, with a capacity to help them in difficult situations, but also because millions of Spaniards lack this mattress, due to the deterioration of the family institution experienced by Spanish society in recent decades.