Substantive conception and functional conception of the individual in contemporary philosophy


Vittorio Possenti


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 62, Issue 146 (july-december), 2013, pages 375-394




The last answer to the importance of the problem of “person” has not done anything but increasing since 1900. Personalism scope has moved beyond the limits of the classical subjects and include today the inner core of the person, its “manipulability”, along with biotechnologies, neuroscience and cybernetic sciences while materialist and determinist thesis are being spread out. Personalism duty in modernity as well as in post-modernity becomes decisive, as for its responsibility to contribute to mend the fractures of the modern era. Among the former ones, there is the gnoseological fracture between mind and world under the sign of an intense dualism; the fracture between science and wisdom together with the primacy of the first one; the fracture between human being and God due to the denial of Transcendence or the conflict of the principle of created or uncreated liberty; and the anthropological fracture between substantial or functional idea of the person that includes the radical theme of soul-body nexus which is the object of our work

Key words:

Contemporary philosophy, person, personalism, conception functional, conception substantial


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