Personal subsistence, foundation of human life communication


Enrique Martínez


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 62, Issue 146 (july-december), 2013, pages 311-333




The foundation of the interpersonal communication in which human life consists is the person, this is to say, the subsistent in an intellectual nature. Supported by a metaphysical and theological tradition, chiefly represented by saint Thomas Aquinas, Francisco Canals discusses positions -that may be called “relationist”- that in order to affirm the interpersonal relations, end up denying the substantivity of the subject who communicates himself. In Canals’ thought, instead, the foundation of interpersonal communication is nothing but the person inasmuch subsistent in an intellectual nature. And, because of her subsistence, the person communicates her vital perfection through the language of the spirit in the family, in friendship and in society

Key words:

Person, subsistence, interpersonal communication, relation, Thomas Aquinas.


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