Form dat esse as a fundamental principle of the ontology of the person of St. Thomas Aquinas


Juan Martínez Porcell


Espíritu: ISSN 0014-0716, Year 62, Issue 146 (july-december), 2013, pages 335-359




Thomas Aquinas’s ontology of the person is based on being. More particularly, the notion of person as subsistens distinctum introduces anthropology within the ontology of the created spirit. Aquinas’s anthropology discovers existence achieving form. Forma dat esse means the fundamental principle of an ontology of the person which puts a special emphasis on the intellectual principle of human behaviour, the unity of the human being, the personal character of the body, the spirituality of the intellect and will and love as communication of the human being

Key words:

Ontology, Anthropology, Forma, esse, person.


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